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Gas Can Whether your car is brand new or you’ve had it for years, there will come a day when you pull into the gas station and realize you’ve completely forgotten which side your gas tank is on. Instead of pulling up and hoping you’ve got the right side, getting out, and having to get back in and do the whole thing over again, use this handy method for determining where your gas cap is.

It’s tempting to try to peer into your side mirrors and hope you can catch a glimpse of the outline of the little gas cap door, but you can actually figure it out just by looking at your dashboard.

You know that seemingly pointless little arrow on the side of the gas tank icon on your dashboard? It points to the side your gas cap is on. Some older cars don’t have the arrow, but in many cases even in the arrow’s absence the gas cap side will correspond with the side the hose in the icon is on. Who knew?  Tell us at Don Robinson Mitsubishi if you knew about this handy little trick for finding your gas cap!  I bet this lady wished she knew this nifty trick!