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The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept recently premiered at the Tokyo Auto Show, revealing the future of Mitsubishi innovation. The Mi-Tech Concept evidences the brand’s commitment to sustainable engineering, yet it doesn’t compromise on power or style. In particular, the model’s turbine-powered engine can run on a variety of fuels other than gasoline and alcohol.

Currently, the Mi-Tech Concept features a compact, convertible SUV design that’s well-suited to navigate tight city streets and a variety of off-road terrains. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the compact turbine that replaces a traditional gasoline engine and pairs with a hybrid-electric generator. This model can run on diesel or ethanol.

The Mi-Tech Concept also has an electric 4WD system. This Quad Motor 4WD feature has front and rear Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control, which improves turning and traction performance thanks to high response and accuracy control. The drivetrain allows it to perform 180-degree turns thanks to counter-rotating left and right tires.

We also learned that Mitsubishi is developing a human-machine interface that works through an augmented reality Head-Up Display. Projecting important information onto the windshield and scanning the road ahead, this system will let you stay connected without taking your eyes off the road.

The Mi-Tech Concept reveals what Mitsubishi has in store for its drivers in the future. For the current lineup of high-tech Mitsubishi cars, browse our selection at Don Robinson Mitsubishi.

The Paris Motor Show is one of a handful of major automotive events held around the world throughout the year. It’s a time for automakers to show off production models and concept vehicles alike. Mitsubishi was out to take the spotlight this year with a set of concepts that were easy on the eyes, to say the least.

A next-generation plug-in hybrid crossover took center stage, but it wasn’t the Outlander we were hoping for. Instead, the GT-PHEV concept, otherwise known as the Grand Tourer, is the latest hybrid concept to debut in recent years.

Next year, however, is an entirely new story.

Starting in 2017, Mitsubishi’s debuts will no longer just be concepts. Instead, production models will take the helm under the leadership of Tsunehire Kunimoto, Mitsubishi’s new global design chief. His strategy is to boast about the brand’s reputation while continuing to move forward.

Remember that Grand Tourer Concept? There’s a very real possibility it could become the next-generation Outlander in 2019. As a result, Mitsubishi played with an upscale design theme for the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

The GT-PHEV boasted a floating roof and maximized space and visibility on the interior. The future of Mitsubishi begins at the Geneva Motor Show next spring where the Japanese automaker will unveil its newest crossover.

We here at Don Robinson Mitsubishi are happy with what we saw at the Paris Motor Show!