Month: October 2019

Mitsubishi engineers push to develop cutting-edge technology to improve performance, safety, and efficiency. Read about some of Mitsubishi’s milestones of innovation.

  • MiEV Technology: The Mitsubishi innovative Electronic Vehicle technology is the product of 40 years of engineering, creating a system to oversee and distribute power to the vehicle. The result of MiEV is a smooth acceleration experience and a fuel-efficient drive.
  • Active Stability and Traction Control: Active Stability and Traction Control uses sensors and the anti-lock brake system to ensure your safety on road, even in hazardous conditions. This feature is standard in the majority of Mitsubishi vehicles sold today.
  • INVECS Adaptive Shift Control: The INVECS Adaptive Shift Control technology learns how you tend to drive and modifies the behavior of the transmission to customize your commute.
  • MIVEC Engine Technology: MIVEC Engine Technology provides optimized timing of the valve to find a balance between fuel economy and power.
  • All-Wheel Control: By feeling the condition of the road for ice, snow, or other obstructions, the All-Wheel Control system automatically sends power to the wheels that have the most available traction.
  • Super All-Wheel Control: Super All-Wheel Control is a 2014 improvement of the All-Wheel Control system that lets drivers select from four driving modes: Normal, Lock, Snow, and AWC Eco.

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