Month: December 2019

The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept recently premiered at the Tokyo Auto Show, revealing the future of Mitsubishi innovation. The Mi-Tech Concept evidences the brand’s commitment to sustainable engineering, yet it doesn’t compromise on power or style. In particular, the model’s turbine-powered engine can run on a variety of fuels other than gasoline and alcohol.

Currently, the Mi-Tech Concept features a compact, convertible SUV design that’s well-suited to navigate tight city streets and a variety of off-road terrains. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the compact turbine that replaces a traditional gasoline engine and pairs with a hybrid-electric generator. This model can run on diesel or ethanol.

The Mi-Tech Concept also has an electric 4WD system. This Quad Motor 4WD feature has front and rear Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control, which improves turning and traction performance thanks to high response and accuracy control. The drivetrain allows it to perform 180-degree turns thanks to counter-rotating left and right tires.

We also learned that Mitsubishi is developing a human-machine interface that works through an augmented reality Head-Up Display. Projecting important information onto the windshield and scanning the road ahead, this system will let you stay connected without taking your eyes off the road.

The Mi-Tech Concept reveals what Mitsubishi has in store for its drivers in the future. For the current lineup of high-tech Mitsubishi cars, browse our selection at Don Robinson Mitsubishi.