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Great Summer Accessories for Your Mitsubishi | St. Cloud, MN

We’re halfway through summer already here in Minnesota, but you can still have one last summertime getaway with your family in August before the warm season ends. And what better way to enjoy the Land of 10,000 Lakes than with a fully accessorized Mitsubishi. Here are some Mitsubishi accessories we recommend using during the summer in St. Cloud.

Rollup sunshades

Keep the heat off your passengers and out of their eyes with a roll-up sunshade for your Mitsubishi Outlander. It attaches to the doors to cover the windows without blocking the driver’s view.

Cargo organizer

The trunk of your Mirage or Eclipse Cross can get messy if you spend a lot of time traveling during the summer. A cargo management system can maximize your storage space on your next road trip.

Roadside assistance kit

Don’t let your road trip wind up in disaster. Be prepared for a possible breakdown and have a roadside assistance kit for your Mitsubishi. This includes jumper cables, tools, reflective gear, and a handy storage case.

Roof rack

Bring a kayak or camping equipment along with crossbars atop your Mitsubishi Outlander. This frees up lots of space inside for your passengers to stretch out while their gear is anchored to the roof.

If you want to order accessories for your Mitsubishi car or SUV, contact the Don Robinson Mitsubishi parts department. We can order official OEM parts directly from Mitsubishi.

Synthetic Oil

We’ve all been there before—you’re at the mechanic to get your oil changed when they ask if you’d like synthetic or conventional oil. Now, it’s likely you’ve heard these terms before. But what do they mean? Conventional oil is a lubricant derived directly from crude oil. It does have good properties that give it lubrication at higher temperatures. Synthetic oil starts out as conventional oil but is then modified.

Here are some benefits to synthetic oil:

  • Better lubrication – Added lubricants increase the slickness of the oil to help your parts and engine last longer.
  • Improved protection – “Dry starts” are something that often happens with conventional oil when your car has been sitting for a long time. This pulls the oil down to the bottom of the engine, which causes the components at the top to run unprotected. But with synthetic oil, it maintains viscosity and the additives decrease this “dry start” risk.
  • Less breakdown – Synthetic oil takes longer to break down, which means you don’t need to change it as often as conventional oil.
  • Reduced deposits – When conventional oil breaks down, deposits can form on engine components. Synthetic oils are less likely to do this and therefore leave your engine cleaner.

Now that you know some of the benefits, are you ready to try synthetic oil? To find out more about which type of oil would best benefit your vehicle; stop by Don Robinson Mitsubishi today to find out more. Also be sure to ask about our $9.88 Oil Change special only at Don Robinson Mitsubishi!