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A great feature to have on your vehicle in Minnesota is all-wheel drive. This drivetrain gives the car greater stability on slick winter roads and dirt paths. If you are considering a new Mitsubishi from Don Robinson, like the Outlander SUV, you need to check out S-AWC.

Mitsubishi’s Super All-Wheel Control system has an advanced function that continually manages driving and braking forces of all four wheels. The Outlander is the most popular Mitsubishi model equipped with S-AWC. In its setup, the Outlander uses Active Yaw Control (AYC) to regulate torque between the left and right wheels.

The Outlander S-AWC system comes with four driving modes. AWC ECO sends torque mainly to the front wheels to enhance fuel economy but will automatically switch to 4WD if you encounter slippery roads. NORMAL mode sends torque to any wheel as needed. When driving in wintery conditions, the SNOW mode can help optimize traction. The fourth mode, LOCK, keeps the system operating in 4WD for better all-terrain performance at all times.

If you choose the Outlander PHEV, it comes standard with S-AWC; however, its system is different than the standard Outlander. It is equipped with a Twin Motor 4WD system along with AYC. It comes with two driving modes: NORMAL and 4WD LOCK.

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Mitsubishi engineers push to develop cutting-edge technology to improve performance, safety, and efficiency. Read about some of Mitsubishi’s milestones of innovation.

  • MiEV Technology: The Mitsubishi innovative Electronic Vehicle technology is the product of 40 years of engineering, creating a system to oversee and distribute power to the vehicle. The result of MiEV is a smooth acceleration experience and a fuel-efficient drive.
  • Active Stability and Traction Control: Active Stability and Traction Control uses sensors and the anti-lock brake system to ensure your safety on road, even in hazardous conditions. This feature is standard in the majority of Mitsubishi vehicles sold today.
  • INVECS Adaptive Shift Control: The INVECS Adaptive Shift Control technology learns how you tend to drive and modifies the behavior of the transmission to customize your commute.
  • MIVEC Engine Technology: MIVEC Engine Technology provides optimized timing of the valve to find a balance between fuel economy and power.
  • All-Wheel Control: By feeling the condition of the road for ice, snow, or other obstructions, the All-Wheel Control system automatically sends power to the wheels that have the most available traction.
  • Super All-Wheel Control: Super All-Wheel Control is a 2014 improvement of the All-Wheel Control system that lets drivers select from four driving modes: Normal, Lock, Snow, and AWC Eco.

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